It’s Either This or Rockband

We all deal with stress in our own ways.  Some people jog, some people play games, some people watch movies and then there is me.  I am managing my stress level by reading about public policy.  If you think about it, reading public policy to relax makes a certain amount of sense.  You start with… Continue reading It’s Either This or Rockband

A Drop in the Bucket

Small businesses are the invisible engine that drives both our local and our national economy. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 allocated $730 million to support small businesses. That is 0.05% (yes, I do mean 5/10 of a percent) of the combined bailout total ($700 billion from the Bush administration and $787 billion… Continue reading A Drop in the Bucket

We interrupt this blog for an important announcement

Today the City of Portland’s Auditor released their report on the Portland Development Commission.  The folks sitting near me while I read the report will attest to the fact that it made me hopping mad.  For the sake of full disclosure I will mention that we (CubeSpace) applied for funding from the PDC and were… Continue reading We interrupt this blog for an important announcement