A sisyphian effort

A representative from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) has targeted our zip code and is meeting with every business-owner. She asked for our thoughts on taxing gross (rather than net) income for businesses, specifically in reference to HB 2070 and HB 2119. Having not read the legislation, we rescheduled our meeting for yesterday.… Continue reading A sisyphian effort

Think Globally, Act Locally

While he was still President-Elect, Barak Obama made it abundantly clear that he wanted no earmarks to be part of the economic stimulus package.  While often perceived as a synonym to “Pork-Barrel spending,” earmarks can serve a useful role.  They are a way that congress can designate funding for specific work.  They are also a… Continue reading Think Globally, Act Locally

We have a TARP with a huge, gaping hole

Between running my business, tracking the Sam Adams story and everything else on my plate last week, I fell behind on my newsfeeds. My feeds have become more important to me because I have been listening to NPR less and less lately. I think the ongoing mantra of layoff numbers is counterproductive to economic recovery. … Continue reading We have a TARP with a huge, gaping hole

We interrupt this blog for an important announcement

Today the City of Portland’s Auditor released their report on the Portland Development Commission.  The folks sitting near me while I read the report will attest to the fact that it made me hopping mad.  For the sake of full disclosure I will mention that we (CubeSpace) applied for funding from the PDC and were… Continue reading We interrupt this blog for an important announcement