You make me so proud!

Today the Portland Development Commission (PDC) brought their Economic Development Strategy to City Council for approval. That simple sentence does not reflect how important an accomplishment this was. This is the first economic development strategy the City has had for the past 15 years. This is the first time I have seen Council really walk… Continue reading You make me so proud!

Visibility Matters

One of the many reasons I love Portland so much is the accessibility of our City government.  Over the past decade or so, with very few exceptions, I have been able to meet with City Commissioners to discuss issues of public policy.  And when I talk about accessibility, I am talking about me as an… Continue reading Visibility Matters

Cutting off Portlandia’s Nose to Spite our Face

We interrupt our regularly scheduled stimulus bill translation for an update on an issue that refuses to die. I was at City Hall this morning for an early morning meeting.  As I was leaving at about 9am, I saw abut 10 people gathered outside with signs advocating for removing Sam Adams from office.  I am… Continue reading Cutting off Portlandia’s Nose to Spite our Face

Procrastination is a well-honed skill

Just once I would like to see if I can force myself to blog on a regular schedule.  It is not that I don’t have things to say and information to share.  Rather it is some residual resistance to writing something that others will see that lingers from my school days.  So now that I… Continue reading Procrastination is a well-honed skill