Visibility Matters

One of the many reasons I love Portland so much is the accessibility of our City government.  Over the past decade or so, with very few exceptions, I have been able to meet with City Commissioners to discuss issues of public policy.  And when I talk about accessibility, I am talking about me as an… Continue reading Visibility Matters

Still have the energy to talk about Sam Adams?

Then join City Club for a free, public panel on politics and ethics as part of their Agora program: Private Lives in the Public Eye: A panel on politics and ethics When: Thursday, January 29, 2009, 6–7:30 p.m. Where: UO Portland, White Stag Building , 70 NW Couch, Portland Cost: Free and open to the… Continue reading Still have the energy to talk about Sam Adams?

Heralding back to a better day

January 20, 2009 was an emotional, historic and ground-shifting day in more ways that I can count.  There have been so many excellent blog posts on how it affected people (I should know, as I have many of them opened in tabs in Firefox so I can catch up on reading them when I get… Continue reading Heralding back to a better day

Procrastination is a well-honed skill

Just once I would like to see if I can force myself to blog on a regular schedule.  It is not that I don’t have things to say and information to share.  Rather it is some residual resistance to writing something that others will see that lingers from my school days.  So now that I… Continue reading Procrastination is a well-honed skill

Main Streets

Portland is a city with some great main streets.  SE Hawthorne is a perrenial favorite.  SE Belmont, SE Division SE Clinton and SE 21st are continuing to develop as main streets.  And the award for amazing turn-around goes to NE Alberta and N Mississippi which have been completely transformed from when I first moved here… Continue reading Main Streets