Moving right along, in search of good times and good news…

I know I got a lot of folks excited about my last blog post, and I suspect a bunch of those readers are wondering what comes next.

Well, I am pleased to say that serious progress has been made.  In the past week:

  • I actually verified (minor detail) with our insurance agent that we could do what we wanted to do;
  • Picked up our first coder and have one contract in negotiation, found one potential client in search of a PHP programmer and got a lead on yet a third project;
  • Got lots of positive feedback and helpful recommendations from lots of freelancers, as well as potential customers;
  • Initiated a conversation with our lawyer about boiler-plate contracts; and
  • Had an intriguing conversation about a Freelance Camp to take place at CubeSpace.

And just a small selection of items on my to-do list that remain to be done:

  • Write the RFP that is due November 25th (I have the contractor all lined up, but have not sat still enough this week to get any actual writing done);
  • Devise an actual fee schedule so that we can recruit more freelancers;
  • Peruse the small selection of RFP’s that are tagged and just waiting to be reviewed;
  • Work out a scheme so that someone other than me peruses both the government and corporate universes for RFP’s RFQ’s and other acronyms that seem to lead to work;
  • Make my way through all of my unread emails; and
  • Not hyperventilate at the fact that my to-do list is significantly longer than the list of what I have accomplished this week.

At this point, what I need from you, kind readers:

  1. Recommendations on coders, web designers, and other related professionals who we might want to consider adding to our resource pool.  If possible, including a bio/resume/client list or a link to a page that contains all that information;
  2. Leads on projects.  We are focusing on small to medium-sized projects, one-time or ongoing.
  3. Help in getting the word out to your friends, colleagues and the like.

Please send any and all ideas to me at EvaCatHerder [at]


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