Getting to know you. Getting to know all about you…

When I ask people who are new to Portland about their favorite part of the city, community always comes up in the short list.  We are a city of folks who like to hang out in parks, cafes, pubs and restaurants.  Newbies also tell me about how friendly Portlanders are, and how they are quickly welcomed. It has not been my experience that folks brand new to any community are adopted so quickly and easily.  It makes me very proud to live, work and hang-out with the community that has developed in my 20 years as a Portlander (yes, I do count the 6 years that I was in exile in Philadelphia, because Portland was always home, I was always up to speed on Portland and Oregon politics and policy and I found ways to come home with great regularity).

But, community is something that needs to be actively maintained, and Chris O’Rourke has instigated an effort for us to get to know each other better.  Chris had participated in an interview experiment a few months back, and thought it might be a great way to encourage us to talk about topics that might not otherwise come up.  I signed up and I am looking forward to being interviewed by Melissa Lion, who just gave a great presentation on narrative structure for blogs.  David brought home her books from the library, and I have read Swollen, and am waiting for him to finish Upstream, so that I can read it.

I get to interview Kelly (aka @Verso & Banana Lee Fishbones), which should be very entertaining.  I run into Kelly with great frequency, but she is a popular woman with many folks vying for her attention, and that makes it hard for me to get to know her well.  From our interactions, both in real life and on the twitterverse, I know that she is a True Star Wars Fan (as defined by me), loves yarn (even though she crochets more than knits), enjoys bowling (as do I and we are suckage sisters, together) and her IPhone.  I also know that she is well-loved and respected in our community,  and that alone is enough to make me excited at the prospect of getting to interview her.

Stay tuned for the interview write-up.  Interested in joining the interview experiement?  You can check it out here.

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