What’s this now?

I first encountered the idea of a commonplace book shortly after college when I encountered E.M. Forster’s Commonplace book in a meander through the library. I was unfamiliar with the concept of commonplace books, and as this was before the interwebs, it took some digging to understand what I was looking at.

I have a bunch of saved notebooks filled with meeting notes that are no longer relevant. I have saved them all because of the quotes, nuggets of wisdom, observations and random memories they contain. The creation of Evernote allowed me to start capturing quotes and screenshots digitally. Over time, as tools came and went, my collections got added to Google Keep, Google and iPhotos, Journal and a bunch of other sites that I don’t even recall.
The problem with all of these methods is that it makes finding anything a daunting task. And I just got really fed up with that. Thus this virtual commonplace blog was born.

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